A thermal image can now provide us with very useful information in a number of varied and creative applications.

Ship Hull - Infrared Solutions New Zealand

Seeing the hull of ships for defects and evidence of previous work.

Asphalt Infrared - Infrared Solutions New Zealand

Seeing the uniform temperature of hot poured asphalt, which helps prevent potholes.

All electrical, mechanical and physical parts heat up before they break. If knowing this information could help you, then a thermal imaging scan completed by a certified thermographer is what you need.

The most common uses for thermal imaging are in the predictive maintenance, building anomaly and military fields but it is quickly finding many more areas of use as a wider understanding of what the technology can do comes to light.

Some of these applications are explained in more detail in our articles.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and how thermal imaging can help.

Horse - Infrared Solutions New Zealand

On horses, to see muscle and tendon injuries before they cause major damage

Solar Panel - Infrared Solutions New Zealand

Seeing a clear sign of a foot injury (gout) in the left foot

Wind Turbine - Infrared Solutions New Zealand

Monitoring wind turbines for predictive maintenance of mechanical and electrical components.

Solar Panel - Infrared Solutions New Zealand

Reading solar panel/tube efficiency

Forklift Battery - Infrared Solutions New Zealand

Forklift Battery